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 Basic Rules & Restrictions

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Frost Flier

Frost Flier

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Basic Rules & Restrictions Empty
PostSubject: Basic Rules & Restrictions   Basic Rules & Restrictions EmptySat Jan 30, 2010 2:35 pm

1. The usual rule: no cursing.

2. No reference to cursing, unless it's in the storyline of your character or a player's name.

3. No posting links to unapproved websites or games.

4. No inappropriate talk.

5. No reference to inappropriate talk.

6. No double posting unless it's in the Chat Thread.

7. If roleplaying, do not have blood in the scene.

8. No hard-core violence if roleplaying.

9. No hard-core romance, which goes with above.

Any user found in violation of these rules more than 3 times will be suspended.
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Basic Rules & Restrictions
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